Short-Term Consultancy: Voter Education Program

Engendering civic and voter education manuals and training civil society organizations at regional level.

  1. Background

NAGAAD is a leading Network representing 45 Women organizations in Somaliland and has been working to create an enabling environment for women in Somaliland since its inception in 1997.  NAGAAD’s programs on women empowerment is manifested in different aspects. Since 2002, NAGAAD has been giving especial focus to Women’s (Quota) and Political Participation in Somaliland. Currently NAGAAD is implementing a project titled "Promoting Somaliland Women’s Leadership in Service Delivery and Participation in Political Processes” in Somaliland, which has been striving to improve gender equality and women empowerment in economic, political, and social areas. More importantly, NAGAAD has been supporting capacity buildingprojects intended to enhance women’s participation in the national leadership positions.

Voter (and civic) education programs are needed to help women and disadvantaged groups enter the mainstream of democratic life. The greatest civic education needs are to be found among the most disadvantaged groups. The key targets are those with less than primary education, rural women, low income voters and urban women over 35.

During elections women candidates and voters do face intimidation and some violation which affects their citizen and voter rights. It is hoped that the establishment of a situation room will seek to ensure accountability for GBV incidents and deal with the culprits during these episodes and in this regard the situation room report will propose mitigating recommendations.

This particular project aims at empowering women to achieve their political rights by advocating for the adoption of policies and legislations to ensure adequate women's political participation at leadership positions. In addition, the project sets to strengthen women’s capacities to participate in electoral processes both as candidates and voters at all levels in the 2017 election. It will contribute to promoting gender equality by increasing awareness on democratic elections among community members. Moreover, the project includes preparing civic and voter education manuals and establishing partnership with media houses to support women candidates’campaigns activities. NAGAAD has been workingin collaboration with its member organizations to achieve these aims. This project has been contributing positively in these efforts.

The project approach shall include capacity building, sharing of experience and creating platforms for lobbying and advocacy on the enactment of gender conscious laws and voter education.The main activities of the project include; increasing women’s access to participation in the upcoming parliamentary election, in March 2017, by improving stakeholders understanding on the issue of women quota in Somaliland.  

  1. Purpose and objectives of the Consultancy

The purpose of the consultancy is to facilitate and enable Nagaad Network to partner with the National Electoral Commission to engender civic education manuals and train voters on their roles and rights in participating in the upcoming election processes;

Specific Objectives are:

The specific objectives of the consultancy are to:

  1. Conduct relevant literature review onengendered voter registration manuals from other developing countries. 
  2. Engender the voter registration manual developed by NEC;
  3. Translate the voter registration manual into somali;
  4. Conduct pre-test training in Hargeisa for group of voter (youth, women etc).
  1. Scope of work

NAGAAD in collaboration with the National Electoral Commission will hire a local consultant to engender civic education manuals and train voters on their roles and rights in participating in election processes;

The consultant is to deliver the following:

  1. Study and assess the National Electoral Commission handbook for voter registration to incorporate it into regional training activities.
  2. Engender voter registration manuals developed by National Electoral Commission.
  3. Review and engender other interactive training modules and material aimed at enhancing capacity of voter registration officials
  1. Deliverables

Expected Outputs andDeliverables

Based on the National Electoral Commission handbook for voter education training manual, the consultant shall:

  1. Develop an interactive and engendered training manual and material aimed at enhancing capacity of voter registration officers and staff from village to regional level.
  2. In cooperation with Nagaad, NEC and UN Women, facilitate 6 training session for CSOs in regional level in order to sensitize them and create awareness of community members on voter registration, voting process, and civil education;
  3. Prepare a report on the outcome of and responses from the participants attending the regional training workshops;
  1. Timeframe

The consultant will be engaged for 20 man days and the proposed schedule is planned to be from 7th to 27thJanuary 2016. The activity plan proposed below will be reviewed and agreed by the consultant and NAGAAD before the commencement of the assignment.

  1. Profile of the consultant


  • Minimum of Master’s Degree in international relations, public policy, political science, international law or relevant disciplines.
  • Extensive experience in teaching/ training including designing and conducting formal/informal training, especially for adults.
  • Knowledge of advocacy on voter education, civic education, human rights, gender equality, and political rights based advocacies as well women empowerment issues.
  • Knowledge and experience of using participatory methodologies in a developing country context. 
  • Knowledge and understanding of advocacy, awareness raising education management systems.
  • Proficiency in computer skills.
  • Understanding of education in a developing country.
  • Excellent facilitation and report writing skills.
  • Extensive experience of delivering training workshops or lecturing recognized learning institutions.


  • Familiarity with the Somaliland context and voter registration in particular. 
  • Familiarity with work of non-profit organizations.
  1. Supervision and management

The consultant will report to and receive initial briefing from the Executive Director at the head office of NAGAAD. At the field level, NAGAAD’s Project Manager.

  1. Mode of application

Applications with non-returnable copies of CVs, testimonials should be submitted on or before 5thJanuary 2016 and via email to na.......[at] Applications could also be submitted to NAGAAD office in Hargeisa before the indicated date.