Self Help Groups

Women Self-help Groups

Establishment of Haraf District Self-Help Groups

One of the long term policies of Nagaad is to improve women's income generation schemes. This project covers most of the regions and currently targets the low income small enterprises struggling for livelihood.

The intervention starts with improving knowledge and business skills including literacy and numeracy as well as basic financial management. It also includes team building of the self-help groups, their planning and communication. The purpose to enable them collaborate as team and boost their profitability. At the end, each team was provided with an amount of money that they can further invest in their businesses and then make period saving fund for each self-help group. This is expected to contribute to women’s economic rights, livelihoods, and environmental protection, thereby supporting sustainable social, human and economic development processes, and directly contributing to improving the quality of the lives of the target beneficiaries. In addition, the empowerment and participatory mobilization components of the project are specifically designed to support and rights advocacy skills and reinforce local development capacities.