Nagaad is commonly known as the only strong women’s network that has striven for the empowerment of women in Somaliland. It was founded to achieve a democratic Somaliland where women’s rights are respected and through gainful engagement of women’s labor productivity and their talents, and to enable them to contribute to the development of the country. For the past 18 years, despite considerable challenges, Nagaad Women’s Network has achieved positive and remarkable results for the development of women in all aspects of life.

Nagaad family with its member organizations and taskforces promotes its agreed spirit of working towards women's betterment in Somaliland and it envisions to see the rights of women respected. . In order to pursue this commitment, it fosters empowering women in all aspects of their lives through advocacy and strengthening capacity.

The Founding of Nagaad Network

Nagaad is a non-governmental, non-profit making organizational umbrella network. It brings together 46 local women's' organizations in Somaliland. It was founded and registered with the Ministry of Planning as a local NGO in 1997 in Hargeisa. The network was formed in the wake of the third nationwide peace conference in Hargeisa, held in 1996-97 in which all political and traditional leaders participated. The purpose of the conference was to deliberate on ways to bring to an end the civil conflict that had broken out in Somaliland in 1994 and to elect a President and a House of Representatives. Women were denied participation and were assigned minimal observer duties in the conference as well as the right to vote for candidates of their choice on the basis of the social clan structure. As a result, Nagaad was formed to serve as an organized and collective voice of women who were determined to fight for their socio-economic and political rights as equal citizens of Somaliland.