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Commemoration of International Women’s Day: NAGAAD appreciates the women who are fighting hard to secure women’s rights JSL.

The NAGAAD women’s network is joining in the celebration of the remarkable women of the Republic of Somaliland on the occasion of International Women’s Day. On this special day, NAGAAD would like to extend its warmest congratulations to all the women of Somaliland, particularly those who have been actively involved in advancing women’s rights, for their significant accomplishments.

  1. Promotion of maternal and child health
  2. Women’s participation in government
  3. Education of women and girls
  4. Fight against and prevent violence against women


NAGAAD is grateful to all the leading women in the hard struggle to ensure the completion of the rights given by God to the women of the Republic of Somaliland, which are missing from their male counterparts. We know that the journey is long and the road is thorny, but we will not give up.


This year the women decided to join forces to implement these three goals:

  1. Confirmation of women’s quota in the parliamentary chambers
  2. Implementation of the SOB law signed by the President of the Republic of Somaliland
  3. Economic development of women who lost their businesses due to the burning of the Waheen Market.


At the end of the day, NAGAAD would like to thank all the women who are fighting hard for the women of Somaliland to reach a higher position.

Author: Ismail