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National Awards for Women in Media Invest In Women: Accelerate Progress

The National Awards for Women in Media were held at Mansoor Hotel in Hargeisa. The event was organized by NAGAAD Network in collaboration with Oxfam.

This event was attended by the Director General of the Ministry of Information, Culture and National Guidance Mustafa Abdi Isse, the Director General of the Ministry of Constitution, Deqa Abdi Yusuf, the Director of the Good governance, Fadhiya Mohamed Abdirahman, the Chairman of the SONSAF Umbrella, Anwar A/Rahman Warsame and Ayanle Abdilahi Ali, Oxfam Gender and Protection.

President of SOLJA Journalists Association Shaafi Mohamed Ibrahim, various journalists from independent and public media and guests from different parts of society

Finally, six female journalists who work in the region were awarded.

The female journalists who were awarded were:

Yasmen Ahmed Suusuf, Chairlady of WIIJA Women’s Journalists Association

Muna Ibrahim Doctor General Secretary of SOLJA

Naciima Abdi Ahmed Chairperson of Caro-Edeg Media

Fadxiya Mohamed Abdi is a journalist working in Borame

Awo Mohamud Journalist working in Buro

Author: Ismail