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NAGAAD Network Recognized Girls’ Exemplary Efforts and Nominated Them for the Award of the Year

Hamda Abdi (Visually impaired) and Hibo Mohemed were nominated for the NAGAAD Network’s Women’s Support Community Appreciation Award because they both make extra efforts to support their community.
The activism of both Hamda Mohamed and Hamda Abdi promote women. Hamda Mohamed encourages women to labor in the market in order to obtain a basic education, while Hamda Abdi supports women through her activism

Officials from government and other community sectors, including the Director General of a ministry of the constitution, the Director General of a good governance commission, the Chairman of the WIJA organization, and officials from the ministry of social affairs, attended this event organized by the NAGAAD Network.
Authorities who participated in this event inspired two young women to provide more assistance for their community, and NAGAAD presented them with tokens of appreciation.

Click this link Facebook to watch NAGAAD’s Annual National Women of Courage Award



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